Instructions for filling in the research grant application

In accordance with its constitution, the Ellen and Artturi Nyyssönen Foundation awards grants to successful individual researchers who study and work at the University of Jyväskylä. (Usually 6 month, 1700 €/month)

In addition, two grant can be applied for from the following donor fund established for specific area: Professor Kalevi Heinilä’s donor fund for promoting children’s athletic play culture, including research in the field, nurturing the play tradition, developing new children’s games, play literature, other educational and informational activities in the field, and developing playing tools and environments.      

The grants will be awarded for the period starting on 1 August. The grantee shall not hold another salaried position during the grant period. The grants are paid to the grantee’s bank account monthly. The start date can be changed only for exceptional reasons. The grant is income of the tax year in which it can be withdrawn.

Before the last monthly payment is effected, the grantee must independently submit to the foundation a written report on the completion/progress of the work. After completing the dissertation, the grantee shall submit one copy thereof to the foundation.

If the grantee has simultaneously been awarded a grant by another donor, this must be made known to the foundation before the payment period begins. Overlapping grants shall not be awarded.

A statement by the research supervisor is important. Please include the statement in the application as an attachment. The statement may be submitted separately only on justified grounds, such as studying abroad.

The applications must be submitted by the end of the application period. Inadequate or late applications cannot be considered. Working groups are awarded grants only in exceptional cases.

The grantee will be insured by Mela (further information at or by telephone: +358 29 435 2650).

The applications are submitted by electronic application form.

The applications must be submitted by 28 February 2021.

Further information is given by:
Merja Uusi-Kyyny
Executive Manager
+358 50 502 2045